CARPET PRO OF HAMPTON ROADS provides the most superior carpet cleaning service.  


We service both residential and commercial customers throughout the entire HAMPTON ROADS AREA.


Our professional, high-quality service is always performed by the owner/operator and highly trained techs which has allowed us to become the cleaner of choice for many local residents and business owners alike. 


CARPET PRO has the expertise and the equipment required to ensure professional carpet cleaning.


Our wide ranged cleaning services offer a variety of solutions that can tackle even the toughest stains, while expertly preserving the quality of your carpets. The powerful vacuums ensure deep-cleaning for that fresh look of brand new carpeting. 

The joys of household pets are most fulfilling, but the need for professional carpet care is all the more crucial in order to maintain the clean smell and fresh appearance of your carpets.


Before we arrive....

  • secure your pets;

  • clear the floors as much as you can - personal items, toys, wires etc.;

  • reserve a parking spot as close as possible to the entrance.

Have questions? Give us a call for details (757) 539-7977

Drying Time... 4 - 8 hours

How long will it take to dry?

With powerful truck mount vacuum equipment there is no water left behind. Powerful suction peeks up all the water, leaving your carpets slightly damp.  It usually takes about 4 - 8 hours for the carpets to dry completely.


Drying time will vary, though, depends on humidity, fabric density, temperature, air circulation etc...

How We Price it ...

NO GIMMICKS, NO HIDDEN FEES, GUARANTEED!!! Here is how we price our carpet cleaning services. 

We price per average CARPETED AREA, which is:

  • a ROOM up to 250 Sq.ft. ;

  • a set of STAIRS up to 14 steps ;

  • a living and a dining room combined will be priced as  two areas;

  • HALLWAY is 1/2 area.

It is that simple -

@ $35 per area

Additional  fees might be applied for heavily soiled carpets, pet stains, heavy traffic areas etc. Please call for details (757) 539-7977.

Truck-mount or Portable???

When looking for a carpet professional - truck mount is your best choice.


Portable equipment is there for a reason, do not get us wrong, but if your apartment is not on the 10th floor then choose the power of truck mount.

It is faster, dryer and cleaner!!! Should we say more?